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Mzansi celebrities support Simz Ngema’s #Eternalcrush t-shirts movement

Mzansi celebrities support Simz Ngema‘s #Eternalcrush t-shirts movement. She is making her #EternalCrush label to trend as she prepares to launch Dumi Masilela’s album. She had this to say about the support she is been getting from fellow celebrities and her fans:

Good morning my blessings🤗 I just want to say thank you so much for all your support. It’s been overwhelming. I haven’t been able to reply to all of you but I’ve read all your requests.

Simz NgemaThe T-shirts will be available to the public by end of next week. I will be posting all the information on how to get them soon. You guys have touched my heart❤️ you are truly my blessings. I love you.😘 #Eternalcrush

Fellow Mzansi celebrities have been supporting her through and through during her hard times from the death of Dumi Masilela up until now. She first released a single from Dumi’s upcoming project which received fair radio playa and fans seemed to like it. The single titled ‘Uphushiwe’. Now she is about to launch the whole project that Dumi left behind before his sad death.

Here are some of the celebrities who are supporting the movement by wearing the #Eternalcrush t-shirts…


Teekaygoldfish And he wrote: “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” #EternalCrush


Proverb had this to say: “Inspired by the love story of @simzngema and former @idolssa contestant @dmasilela and I’m proud to support the album” #eternalcrush

Pasi Koetle

Pasi KoetleLove is such a beautiful @simzngema thank you for reminding me to appreciate and love hard because life is too short .. #eternalcrush

Jo-Anne Reyneke

Jo-Anne ReynekeYour actions speak louder than your words. Thank you❤️ @joannereyneke #ETERNALCRUSH

Mbalenhle Zakwe

Mbalenhle Zakwe“When I look into my boyfriend’s eyes I know I’ve found the mirror of my soul”-  @mbalenhlezakwe #ETERNALCRUSH

Simz Ngema

I know who holds tomorrow, I know who holds my hand and he knows my heart #GOD. This is how the actress Simz Ngema described herself as on her Instagram account.

Simz Ngema

The star has pulled one of the best come back ever in Mzansi entertainment industry. After going through such a dark period in her life, she has shown us that nothing can stop you to pursue your life goals, in a good way. After losing her husband in a horrible way Simz fought her way out of misery and stood tall against all odds.