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My man is saying l rape him

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My man is saying l rape him.

Dear MizzB

I AM a 25-year-old woman and I have a problem with my boyfriend (19).

We’ve been dating for three months and I have been asking him to have s.e.x with me, but he always comes up with excuses not to poke me. Last week we got drunk and I tied him up and we had s.e.x. He now claims I raped him. Is it possible to rape my partner?


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Dear Lady

Yes, it’s possible to rape your partner.

Dating someone doesn’t mean you own them. It’s important to respect your partner if he says no. It’s also important to acknowledge that just because his body reacted, it didn’t mean he was ready to have s.e.x.

I encourage both of you to seek professional help.

Source: Daily Sun