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Muvhango’s first kiss sets social media alight

James Muvhango

Muvhango’s first kiss sets social media alight. Although the scene was short and interjected by an ad-break many enjoyed to watch the first kiss ever on Muvhango.

Last night Muvhango viewers were taken by surprise after James Motsamai kissed Marang on the show’s latest article. It’s not like many haven’t seen soapie characters kissing on television, but for Muvhango, it was shocking as the soapie has never in its history aired such scenes.

Tweeps broke took to the social media streets to share how taken aback they were by that kiss. Here is what they had to say:


Not so long ago many were advising Muvhango directors to hire Smanga Moroka from Generations The Legacy to teach their cast on how it’s done but we guess the directors decided to spice things a bit on their own or, they have realised how the times have changed.


Muvhango is a cultural drama that has managed to include different cultures and languages in the drama. Although their storyline is mainly centered on the Venda culture, the diversity of lifestyles portrayed by the characters in the film have drawn many to like it.

Another on-set kiss that has left many people talking was the kiss on 7 De Laan between Fikani Chauke and Alexa. However, unlike the Muvhango kiss, that of 7 De Laan one was criticised by some people who are racially discriminatory as it was the first time a white woman was kissing a black man on the soapie.

Furthermore, many hit back at the racists and informed them that the world has changed and that racism will no longer be tolerated.


Generations The Legacy in 2017 also had people talking after Tshidi and Jack Mabaso’s kiss went viral. A lot of people started to advocate for Tshidi Phakade on the internet for the Executive producer of the show – Mfundi Vundla to give her a bonus for the kiss of all time.

Kgomotso Christopher also got many people talking after watching her kisses on ETV’s Scandal! Kgomotso once told Timeslive that her husband doesn’t have a problem with her kissing another man on television since it’s her job.


In Rhythm City, Pearl and Mzi’s kisses always made the soapie’s fans glue their eyes to the television screen although some think Suffocate kisses better.


Maybe the soapie directors realised how their audience love to see characters kissing on TV and Muvhango might be really cooking something very hot, who knows maybe the fans should expect another surprise from the soapie.

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