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Former Miss SA Liesl Laurie celebrates fiancée Musa Mthombeni’s new TV gig

Finally able to combine his love for medicine and TV, newly engaged TV personality and doctor Musa Mthombeni has bagged himself a new presenting gig and no one is more excited for the household “breadwinner” than his fiancée Liesl Laurie.

The official Twitter account for SABC2’s Vital Signs show let fans in on the news that Musa was the new host of their revamped show.Liesl Laurie1

“It is our pleasure to introduce to you our newly revamped health show SABC’s Vital Signs hosted by our brand new presenter Dr Musa Mthombeni on SABC2.”

Obviously excited, Musa took to his socials to share the happy news.

“We’re back on TV baby! This time with both my loves at the same time. Medicine and TV,” he said, to which Liesl responded, “So excited for you my love.”Musa Mthombeni

In a separate IG post, Liesl gushed about her man.

“This is how you rest when you know your fiancé starts a new TV show today and will now be continuing in his role of breadwinner. So proud of this man going out to work for his family!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the original breadwinner of the Mthombeni family,” wrote an excited Liesl.

Since announcing their engagement late last month, the couple has been loving each other loud and proud on their social media platforms and Mzansi has been living for their love story.

Musa recently shared the origins of their love.

On his Instagram, Musa said the relationship started with a direct Instagram message aka DM a year ago.

It all started with a lil’ bit of stalking from Musa’s side, and then when a mutual friend posted about Liesl, Musa found a way in.

“One year ago on this day, July 2, my dear friend @dr_khanyile posted a picture of Liesl on her IG stories. I commented on this story with a lovestruck emoji and sent Dr Khanyile a voice note highlighting my utter excitement about this post.”

Now Mzansi waits patiently for the pair to tie the knot and as one fan said on Musa’s Instagram: “We can’t wait for you to have babies!”



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