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Musa Mseleku & MaYeni blast their son, Mpumelelo who wants a v!rgin before marrying his baby mamas

Reality star and polygamist, Musa Mseleku and his second wife, Nokukhanya “MaYeni” have reprimanded their son, Mpumelelo, and warned him not to become a polygamist the wrong way.

This after Mpumelelo, who already has children with two women, shocked Uthando Nes’thembu viewers when he said he wanted to marry a virgin first before marrying other women.

On the latest episode of the reality show, which aired on Thursday, 15 February, Musa and MaYeni told Mpumelelo to do things the right way by marrying the two women with whom he has children before marrying someone else.

Musa Mseleku

MaYeni told Mpumelelo his thinking was not the right approach to polygamy.

“You can’t impregnate other girls, then say you want to marry another woman before them. He impregnated them while they were also virgins, now he wants to go to another place No.

“Mpumelelo’s crazy, like he’s telling us a fairytale, but I see he is clever like his dad. It seems he’s playing with these girls, and we won’t allow that. He chose the two women with his children and must marry them. Khethile khethile, no turning back,” she said.

Musa Mseleku

Musa said he knows Mpumelelo’s two baby mamas, MakaMhlophekazi and MakaSingabakho, who were introduced to him, and won’t allow them to be left out when Mpumelelo gets married.

“You can marry all of them, but if you’re saying you’ll marry a woman we don’t know first, we’ll have a problem.

“He must pay ilobolo to the three of them. Mpumelelo thinks he knows everything, but he’s still young,” he said.

Although Mpumelelo seemed to want to stick to his decision, he also seemed to want to listen to what his parents were telling him.

“I’m not a person who wants to talk too much. I want to be listened to when I’m talking. I told my parents about what I want to do but they said I’m crazy. That’s fine, maybe one day they’ll understand what I’m talking about,” he said.


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