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Musa Mseleku’s alleged 5th wife – Photos

Polygamist and reality show star Musa Mseleku has left tongues wagging after taking to his Facebook account to share a picture of himself with another woman.

The picture has left social media users wondering if the woman is his 5th wife while others say it is his relative.Musa Mseleku1

Musa has been wanting to take a fifth wife but some of his wives have not yet given him the greenlight. He recently had a change of mind and told the Daily Sun that he did not want his wives to dump him so he will put his mission on hold – for now.“I couldn’t take wife number five because my two wives, MaNgwabe and MaYeni Mseleku, have threatened to leave me. They were not happy and I realised if I insist on it, my family would have been destroyed. I love my wives and I don’t want to lose Mbali or Muntuza over this. Instead, I want to build the Mseleku family.,“ he said.Musa Mseleku1

Mseleku recently made his appearance on the Real Housewives Of Durban and avid viewers of the hit reality show dragged his appearance. Many felt it was unnecessary for him to speak about polygamy in the show.

Speaking to Daily Sun he hit back at trolls who slammed him. “If I wasn’t needed, I wouldn’t have been invited. People must understand the show is an American concept, but we adopted it,” Musa told the publication. “This means the international community is interested in seeing what we have to offer as Africans.”

“Polygamy is part of our culture and we cannot pretend it’s not there. Those criticising it are not being realistic and they are not ready to show their authenticity to the world. They would rather adopt foreign cultures.”

“I think it’s about time that people accept polygamy is here to stay. A lot of people want to know about it. A significant number of people are actually in polygamous relationships with or without their knowledge,” he said.

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