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UthandoNes’thembu: 5th wife headache for Musa Mseleku

Thobile“MaKhumalo” Mseleku has described her polygamist husband’s intentions as abnormal.

In the last two episodes of Uthando Nes’thembu on Mzansi Magic, Musa Mseleku revealed he was planning to take a fifth wife.

In his discussion with his first wife Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku, he revealed he was already dating a woman from the Khumalo family.

But the news did not sit well with MaKhumalo, who said she felt undermined and disrespected.

“What Musa is doing is not normal. I support his polygamous marriage, but I wasn’t expecting him to take my relative. I am not going to pretend that it’s okay,” she said.

She said though it would be unfair to block his wishes, she clarified that the incoming wife would not be bearing kids for her.

“Musa and I haven’t exhausted all the options of having our own kids. We will keep trying until we have our own children.

“I have not met his potential wife, but I’m anxious to get to know her. If I meet her it will be on the basis of assessing her character.”

She also set conditions for Musa and his potential fifth wife.

She will have to acknowledge and recognise my presence as MaKhumalo.

“If Musa finally decides to take her, I encourage him to do it quickly so we can have stability in the house. I don’t expect things to be smooth, but we need to get on with our lives.”

Musa said MaKhumalo served the family without complaining.

“I’m taking my next wife to appreciate MaKhumalo. I’m bringing another Khumalo wife to ensure that her surname doesn’t die with her.”Musa Mseleku

He said he was already making plans for them to meet.

He said he had not forgotten that Mbali “MaNgwabe” and Nokukhanya “MaYeni” Mseleku had threatened to leave if he took another wife.

“They can leave if they want to, but I’ll negotiate with them not to. When they got married to me, nobody left. I would expect the same from them,” he said.


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