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Mshoza: l will fall in love on my own terms


Speaking to Move magazine, Mshoza explained that she has just been falling in love with the wrong type of men which has led her to put their needs first and neglecting herself in the process.

The kwaito star has had her fair share of drama within the last couple of months, from being publically called out her name by her husband, Thuthukani on social media to filing a restraining order against him, Mshoza is now making it clear that her next relationship will be on her terms.


It’s going to be a while until Mshoza gets herself into another relationship, but when she does things are definitely going to be about her and not the other way around.


” I am going to teach him how to love and understand me. Love has never done anything wrong to me. It’s just the people I fall for who are narrow-minded and confuse my love for stupidity,” she told the publication.

Mshoza was also interviewed on Real Talk this week and was commended for the way she’s been handling everything that has occurred about her public spat with Thuthukani.

Source: ZAlebs