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Kwaito star Msawawa gives it one last go as he turns to Amapiano

Kwaito musician Msawawa tried reviving his career with Gospel music after leaving the industry for quiet some time. His career as a Kwaito musician was going so well, till life got him out of the spotlight. But Msawawa refuses to back down and he is willing to give it yet another shot. This time he hops on the trends train and turns to Amapiano.Msawawa1

Msawawa answered his calling as a pastor and started doing Gospel music, which he told Daily Sun received a positive reaction. The muso believes he is still very famous and people still love him and his music. Despite what many might think, Msawawa who entered the industry as a child star, says people still scream and get excited for him.Msawawa

So he is puzzled when people mock him saying he was once famous and he isn’t anymore. Speaking to the publication, he says he did not decide to do Amapiano because he wants to revive his career but he simply loves the genre.

“Amapiano reminds me of old school kwaito. That’s why I recorded this song. I don’t do Amapiano just because I have tried other genres and failed. That would be unfair if someone believed that. I love music. It runs in my veins and that’s why I have done different genres. I’m still a musician after all, and people still love my music,” he told the publication.


Speaking on his “dead career” claims, he says that is not the case but did admit that he made some pretty bad decisions in the past which might have caused this to happen.

He turned his life to God and gained the courage and strength to get back in the game.

Msawawa has been making music now for the past 20 years and in that two decades, he has only two awards but believes he should be getting more. He believes that he is deserving of a lifetime Achievement recognition award for his contribution in the South African music industry.


His brother hyped him up saying he deserves this award and would not mind giving it to him on the DL. Commenting on that to Daily Sun he said “I’ve been in the music industry for almost 20 years but I only have two Metro Awards – Best Newcomer and Song of the Year. I did exceptionally well in the music industry, but if nobody recognises this, I’ll not be discouraged. I believe everything will happen at the right time.”


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