Home Entertainment Twitter in love with Mr and Mrs Tladi’s #OurPerfectWedding: MEMES

Twitter in love with Mr and Mrs Tladi’s #OurPerfectWedding: MEMES


You know that feeling when you suddenly feel butterflies in your tummy when you either see, or you’re with the one you fancy? That right there is when the love bug has hit you, and Joyleen knows this very well!

She met the love of her life, Madimetja at a family friend’s graduation and just as she was about to make her speech, Madimetja walked past. At that very moment, she felt that indescribable feeling.

Ironically, Joyleen also caught Madimetja’s eye! He asked around about her whereabouts after the graduation but he was told that she had already left. Somehow, the car Joyleen was travelling in broke down and they had to call Madimetja for help. The car was towed back to her house and that’s where he got a chance to speak to her.



Next day, he showed up at her workplace, chatting her up and luckily, she already felt something for him. Three days later, he asked her out on a date and they decide to go to the mall. When they got there, he asked her to choose a ring but he didn’t buy it that day, he had a plan to surprise her.

Following week, he invited her on a weekend-getaway, but before they left for the trip, he told her loved her and she admitted she also loved him. When they got to their destination, he went to the same chain store where she had initially tried on that ring she liked and he bought it. Alter on, he proposed.







Source: News365coza