Twitter Mourns the death of Mr Spiller #SkeemSaam: MEMES

There are some characters that are so evil in stories that when they die, all you hear is a collective “good riddance to bad rubbish” from viewers and that was exactly what happened with Skeem Saam’s Mr Spiller.

However, just like life, when a good thing happens, it is almost always followed by a bad one. Skeem Saam viewers have watched the soapie long enough to know that the death of Mr Spiller only means the start of a rollercoaster ride of “who killed the white dude?”

Mr Spiller


There are so many suspects that viewers are already stressed that the wrong person will take the blame for Mr Spiller’s death.

The memes came flooding in!


Obvs the main question is: Who killed him?


Although nobody is sure about who the killer is, Skeem Saam viewers know the writers well enough to know it’s going to take a lot of detours before they punish the right person.

Was it Mantuli? Or sister Kwaito? Or that other white guy?

The list of suspects is long!


Source: Timeslive

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