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Mpshe details Dudu Myeni’s conflict of interest #Statecaptureinquiry

Dudu Myeni

Irregular appointments and fabricating whistleblower reports against senior executives. That was allegedly the norm at the national carrier under former SAA Board Chair, Dudu Myeni. This emerged during the testimony of a former executive at the state capture inquiry.

That’s how Mathulwane Mpshe characterised her tenure as SAA Acting CEO and General Manager of Human Capital while Myeni was board chair.

In September 2015, Mpshe says she was instructed to nullify a contract for LSG Sky Chefs to provide catering in SAA lounges.

Myeni wanted SAA subsidiary Air Chefs – of which she was also the chairperson – appointed instead.

But, Air Chefs failed to meet even minimum tender requirements.LSG Sky Chefs is now suing SAA.

Mathulwane Mpshe

Another non-executive director, Yakhe Kwinana, has been recorded making this startling revelation to the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse.

“She will accompany Miss Myeni to an internet café to go and formulate these whistleblowers. Those whistleblowers reports were used to victimize some of the staff members at SAA, suspend some of them, and also dismiss some of the members at SAA,” said Mpshe.

When she wouldn’t sign off on a particular contract for law firm Boqwana Burns, Mpshe says Kwinana simply sidestepped her.

Myeni’s lawyers last week wrote to Inquiry saying she intends to cross-examine Mpshe and former SAA Chief Procurement Officer, Masimba Dhawa.

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