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Mpho Popps dressed up like Papa Penny for SAMA25 and nailed it

Mpho Popps was one of the hosts at the South African Music Awards and came dressed up as none other than Papa Penny. He really succeeded in taking on the TV star’s personality – from the accent to the way he dresses.

Mpho Popps is a fantastic entertainer and when he was chosen as one of the 2019 South African Music Awards hosts, he decided to bring his A-game.

Mpho Popps

And he did not fail his fans or the rest of Mzansi who watched the awards.

Mpho opted to channel his inner Papa Penny and the result was hilarious – but in a really good way.

Papa Penny

As reported on by YouthVillage, Mpho nailed it all – from the funny accent all the way to the way Papa Penny dresses.

We have to admit, it was a lot more interesting than the generic ‘Hollywood style’ that presenters normally wear.

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