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Xhosa initiation: Mountain schools kill more lives

Xhosa initiation

Mountain schools kill more lives. Sinalo Tabata (20) from Whittlesea, Achumile Mnqetha (20) from Ncambele Village in Mthatha, and Siyanda Mboxela (19) from Willowvale died at the weekend. The number of deaths at mountain schools in the Eastern Cape has risen to seven.

They are from the Chris Hani, OR Tambo and Amathole districts. Tabata died of dehydration on Friday. Mnqetha, the first death in the OR Tambo district, which is known for most deaths in the province, died of pneumonia on Saturday.

Mamnkeli Ngam, a spokesman for the co-operative governance department, said Mboxela’s cause of death on Saturday was not yet known. “The third death in the Amathole was reportedly from Mbashe at an illegal school in Willowvale,” he said.

Xhosa“A second initiate from the same initiation school didn’t show any signs of dehydration, according to the report.” Inkosi Mwelo Nonkonyana, chairman of Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders, said people didn’t respect the ancient custom.

“It’s a case of people who continue to kill and disfigure and damage this custom.” “We know that many boys are still going to be circumcised.

“We fear that unless the circumcision rules are followed and people follow the correct routes for legal circumcision, the number of deaths may escalate.

“We are nevertheless not going to be deterred,” said Nonkonyana. He called on communities to comply with the custom and the law.


Source: Daily Sun