Sjava’s Song Isbhamu motivated by the tragic death of Dumi Masilela

If you’re a Sjava fan you’d know that he always writes music that is heartfelt and has meaning. This was the case on his first album ‘Isina Muva’ on which he talks about love, heartbreak and his journey with music. On the extended/deluxe version of that album, he penned ‘Impilo’ – a song about gender based violence – which he released after the gruesome murder of Karabo Mokoena, who was killed by her partner Sandile Mantsoe.

Dumi masilela

In recent tweets, a fan asked the ‘ATM soldier’ whether or not his song ‘Isbhamu’ was about Bheki Nene. Sjava responded, revealing that the song was motivated by the tragic death of Rhythm City actor and musician Dumi Masilela.


‘Isbhamu’ is a song on Sjava’s ‘Umqhele’ album. On the song he narrates the events of a hijacking, where the victim is pleading with the offender not to shoot and rather take whatever he so wishes to take – be it the car or phone – anything to spare his life because he has a wife and kids at home.


Ngeke ngifele izinto zasemhlabeni/ I cannot die for material possessions The gruesome murder of Dumi Masilela in an attempted hijacking in Tembisa 2 years ago left family, friends and fans with unanswered questions and his wife Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Ngema widowed.

Dumi Masilela

Recently, Simphiwe released a single dedicated to her late husband titled ‘Thanda Wena’ which she dubbed her “final goodbye”.

Simz Ngema

“Losing Dumi two months after our wedding was worse than my worst nightmare and after he passed away I was afraid that people would forget him, so I did everything I could to keep his memory alive but at some point, I realized that holding on hurts so much more,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Dumi Masilela

“It felt like I had a memorial service every time I did something to keep his memory alive and I went through all the emotions all over again. Tomorrow marks 2yrs since he passed away and this song is my final love letter to him. it’s time to let go and this is my final goodbye. Eternal crush forever and always.?? #Thandangempela out now!!! On all digital platform” she added.

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