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8-year-old George boy stabbed to death, allegedly by his mother’s partner

A man has been arrested in George for allegedly murdering his girlfriend’s eight-year-old son.
On Thursday night, the man handed himself over to the police.

Imange Jantjies was allegedly stabbed to death during an argument between his mother and the suspect.

The couple then went to the Thembelathu police station where he confessed to the crime.

The police’s Malcolm Pojie said: “Members were immediately dispatched to the residence of the suspect. Upon entry of the residence, situated in the informal settlement in Zone 7 in Thembalethu, members made the gruesome discovery of the boy that was already found to have succumbed to the multiple injuries he sustained.”

A knife which is believed to be the murder weapon will be submitted as evidence when the man appears in court on Monday.


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