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Most loved and hot pictures of Muvhango’s actress Liteboho Molise

Most loved and hot pictures of Muvhango’s actress Liteboho Molise. Her character on Muvhango is probably one of the most loved villains on the show Playing a character with such negative traits, you would think that Liteboho would hate playing the role of Teboho but on the contrary, she actually likes it.

In previous interviews, she’s also shared how much of a life-changing experience playing Teboho has been to her career as an actress. But she keeps on saying and emphasizing how contrary her character Tebogo is to Liteboho.

But considering that she is all about her business, she’s one of the few actresses who live a super private life regardless of her career on television. The 30-year-old actress was born and raised in Lesotho in a District called Butha-Buthe.

Liteboho Molise

She also serves hot pictures on her Instagram that we would love to share with you as we get to know her deeper and on a more personal level.

Liteboho Molise

She may be an actress but she studied political science and administration. In a tell-all SABC 2 interview, Liteboho admitted that her dream was not to study political science but to study drama theatre and music because she always thought that she was going to be a superstar.

Liteboho Molise

Liteboho once shared that she once auditioned for an older character on the show, but unfortunately, did not get the part. However, the casting directors liked her so much that she received a callback,

Liteboho Moliseshe again didn’t get the part she was called for but six months later she eventually got the part to play the role of Teboho Mukwevho. Liteboho has revealed that her Teboho character has been a life-changing experience for her as an actress.

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