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Senzo Meyiwa’s book reveals more details – The first time his mother saw Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo & Senzo Meyiwa

Senzo Meyiwa’s mother, Ntombifuthi Meyiwa, felt strongly about her son’s cheating – and she makes her feelings clear in the book. In this exclusive extract from Decoding 666_9: The Inexplicable Life of Senzo.

Meyiwa, Soweto Mandlanzi tells of the first time Ntombifuthi met Kelly Khumalo.

Senzo told his mother he would be coming home for the Easter weekend, in 2014, and she was looking forward to the visit. Senzo went to fetch his mom with his new BMW 1 Series from a church service in Hammarsdale, which was an hour’s drive from their home.

There were many people so Senzo parked far from the crowd but it didn’t stop fans going wild.

His mother walked to the car but it wasn’t her son causing the frenzy. When she got closer, she saw Kelly was inside . . .

“There were more people around the car, especially towards the rear end, than those who actually went to greet Senzo.

“I thought to myself, maybe people were just embracing Senzo and his new car. The closer I got, the louder the noise became.

“Then suddenly there was such a deafening silence! A cold and awkward silence occurred between myself and Senzo as soon as I arrived where the car was parked.

“In the past (before Senzo became a celebrity) his spirit commonly attracted a peaceful and happy environment. So chaos was new. Why would people scream so much at this car, I wondered.

Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo

“There was a tall, bulky man standing next to the car and I remember very well, he was wearing an Orlando Pirates jersey. The unknown man asked: ‘Oh! Is this Senzo’s wife?’

“My heart was soothed. I had the relief that it was ‘Mandisa’. What I did not know was that my heart was about to get torn apart and shattered into pieces; seeing my son starting to tarnish his name that he had built with so much enthusiasm!”

“But when I eventually got to the car, I saw something else and quickly reprimanded the same man, telling him straightforwardly: ‘Senzo’s wife is in Joburg, ngikutshele ke

mina . . . (I am telling you)’.

“There were countless opportunities for me to choose a woman for Senzo but I never did because I have always believed that my blessing is a privilege and my kid’s love life is their right after all.

“He chose Mandisa, introduced her to us and paid his dues to the Mkhize family. Rightly so, Mandisa became our daughter officially. This is how we do it traditionally . . . not the westernized idea of marriages today!”

Senzo walked out of the car and begged his mom to be calm: “Awu, Ma, please, ngicela wenzele mina ke wehlise umoya . . .”

She refused to get into the car.

“I asked Senzo, ‘What would God say?

Do you think about people, the media, the Mkhize family as well as Mandisa?

“How would they look at me if we were all involved in a car accident?

“Me and another woman of yours in the same car? No! Ayibo!

“Senzo my child, I am coming from church and you put me in one car with this girl? I am sorry I cannot!’”

Decoding 666_9: The Inexplicable Life of Senzo Meyiwa will be launched on 21 February at the Durban Botanic Gardens.

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