DJ Zinhle

Moozlie clears the air on why she’s being with DJ Zinhle more, which has attracted accusations on stealing Pearl Thusi’s friend.

Moozlie at Vodacom Durban July #VDJ2019 #DurbanJuly2019
Taking to Instagram to celebrate Pearl’s success on the first African original Netflix series, Queen Sono, Moozlie said, Pearl who stars as Queen Sono was busy with the film project, that’s why it seem like she stole the DJ all these while.

DJ Zinhle and pearl

“ALL HAIL QUEEN SONO👑🔥 honestly I’m just glad we can finally share the promo so people can see what’s been occupying so much of your time so they can stop accusing me of stealing your friend🤞🏾😅 Also if dedication, sacrifice & hard work were a person they would have your gorgeous face, my darling.

DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi

YOU are an absolute star!! You are your ancestors wildest dreams & almost every rapper’s secret fantasy😍 A true legend in the game. Stay shining Mama Who, we love you!!” Moozlie said. However, the trio are known to be best of friends.

In other news – Leshole left heartbroken after he discovers his girlfriend is cheating #SkeemSaam

If breathing through the wound was a person, it would be Skeem Saam’s Leshole. The dude just can’t catch a break. Fans were quarter to dusting off that petition to stop the show’s writers from picking on their fav after he caught his girlfriend, Nomasonto, in bed with another man.



Leshole has been acting all nervous lately, with his dad even wondering if he was planning to propose. Luckily he wasn’t about to, because Nomasonto was acting more confusing than a load-shedding schedule. When Leshole gifted her a watch and told her that time stops when he is with her, she nearly burst into tears and ran off to the ladies. As she dashed, Leshole noticed that Mxo was calling. Read more

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