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Moonchild thinking of opening an adult club: Pictures

“What I have noticed in my research is that there’s a lot of old white couples in this space. And, I am sure that there are a lot of people like me, who want to go out and be naked and not care (about) their body shape or about being violated,” she said on Metro FM.

Moonchild Sanelly, who is unapologetic about her identity and is ever ready to flaunt her uniqueness wants to open a ‘club for adults’ to break stereotypes, especially in black communities.

Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild explained that such clubs were safer for people to embrace nudity because when a creep or some danger emerged he/she was immediately removed from the premises.

The singer has never been scared to flaunt her body or speak about s.e.x – topics that are usually considered “taboo” in most black communities. Moonchild said she planned on having a franchise and venturing into s.e.x toys as well.

Moonchild Sanelly

“I want to make it normal for the black community because you hardly see black people there… I want to kill the taboo idea of it because it’s actually a very safe space. No one cares about your body shape and you can just walk around in your leotard or whatever you want and just be free. Not be violated.”

The artist has previously told TshisaLIVE that she’s all about breaking boundaries, which is part of her brand identity.

Moonchild Sanelly

“I would love to have my own TV or radio talk show about sex, but my schedule is too hectic to kind of start it myself. It would be great to be offered the opportunity. It’s important for us to talk about it otherwise women won’t know what it is that will pleasure them. It is taboo for so many people and you have conversations with people who don’t know what an orgasm is. I would love to be part of a show that liberates people s.e.xually. ”

Moonchild Sanelly

And while we’re still here… talking about strip clubs and stuff. Moonchild’s dance moves are as saucy as they come and this performance at a strip club in Johannesburg is A LOT!

Source: Times Live

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