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Mona Monyane organises a female lawyer to help women deal with abusers

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Actress Mona Monyane has been applauded for taking a firm stand against rape, gender-based violence (GBV) and helping SA women deal with abusers, instead of just blowing hot air.

The conversation about women abuse, rape and GBV has been dominating most conversations on social media, mainstream media and other platforms. At the same time, more cases of GBV have been reported, and Mona is gatvol of just talking.

Mona Monyane

“I’m tired of debating with people about rape and GBV. I am tired of talking. So I went and found an attorney who is black and female who is willing to take on any cases of queens who are ready to send their abusers to jail,” she said over the weekend.

The actress, who joined many others on social media to speak out against GBV, explained that she felt she needed to do more than just cyberactivism.

Mona Monyane

While the attorney she secured isn’t offering the help pro bono at the moment, Mona told one of her followers she was busy working on a solution to help those who may need her services but don’t have the resources.

Mona Monyane

Mona also revealed that she wanted to do a sit down with the attorney who can help with information about how to open a case, and when is it legally safe for a victim to announce the identity of her abuser or rapist.

“I am a woman of action. We have been talking long enough. Let’s put them behind bars. DM if you need her services,” she said.

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