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Pictures: Mo Setumo looking better and better

Mo Setumo looking better and better! Actress of the highest quality, Mo is just getting better and better each day, that we can not help but compliment, she is looking absolutely gorgeous.

Mo Setumo

The lady even went as far as confirming that she is changing and following her Instagram, she said, ‘Definitely going back to my original size 😊👌🏾.’ (My colleagues are bullies! They always want to be tagged for doing the Lord’s work! 😂).

Mo Setumo

From what we have observed is that she is getting slim, that is to say, she is losing fat and we do not know how she is doing it but what matters is that, she is really getting better and better.

Mo Setumo

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Natasha Thahane

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Source: News365, Instagram

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