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Mmabatho Montsho’s touching letter to Michael Komape’s family

Michael, a grade R learner then aged five, fell into a pit toilet to his death in 2014.

Actress and activist Mmabatho Montsho wrote a heart-wrenching letter to the family of five-year-old, Michael Komape who drowned in faeces after falling into a school pit toilet.

Mmabatho Montsho

Mmabatho and the rest of Mzansi were reminded of the young boy as the court made a ruling to dismiss claims for general and constitutional damages sought by the family.

“My heart is bleeding for Michael Komape who died from drowning in a pit toilet at school. I can’t imagine what his family is going through.

“The many families who have lost children in this way. Today’s judgement is so painful. The system has failed this boy, his family, and many who go through this,” said Mmabatho.

Michael Komape
Michael Komape, The kid who drowned.

The artist explained that she was repulsed by the people, who had powers to change things but remained stagnant.

Since the death of Michael in 2014, another child, Lumka Mthethwa from the Luna Primary School in Bizana‚ in the Eastern Cape, also suffered the same fate.

All with promises from the government to do better to avoid this kind of deaths.

Mmabatho said she hoped that the little boy’s spirit found peace and that she would continue to pray for his family, as well as, all the others who lost their children in similar settings.

“I am repulsed at this government and everyone who had the power to prevent such deaths and did nothing. Continue to do nothing. The price of corruption is too high.  I hope your spirit is at peace little boy. We pray for you, your family and the many others we don’t know about. One day justice will be served in the court of God. Rest In Peace nana.”

Source: Times Live

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