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Nomzamo Mbatha shares inspirational stories from missionary work – VIDEO

Nomzamo Mbatha

While Nomzamo Mbatha may grace our TV screens and be a fashion winner on the red carpet, she said it was a message from God that allowed her to understand what he wanted her to do with her life.

Nomzamo was announced as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) ambassador in 2017. Her role is to “educate and influence the cause of tolerance, acceptance and unity.”

She was recently in South Sudan and aimed to raise awareness about the plight of refugees there.

In an interview with Dennis Ngango Nomzamo said she had a moment where she realised she had to ask God what his purpose was for her, instead of wishing for things to come her way.

Nomzamo Mbatha

She said it was then that she realised she had to live her life according to his mission.

Telling stories about her trip to South Sudan, Nomzamo said she was in awe of the people she met. She spoke with a 33 year old women who had been a child soldier from the age of 12. And now that women was inspiring other people.

“She had to go back to society and was struggling to fit in with her family. She had been trained to kill. And here she was smiling and laughing.”

You can watch the rest of the heartwarming interview below.