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Minnie Dlamini’s touching tribute to Shona Ferguson

Minnie Dlamini recently took to her social media to pen down touching message to Shona Ferguson who days few days ago.

The Fergusons have been mourning the death of the star after he passed on due to COVID complication and not heart surgery.

Many of his fans and other celebrities have sent their condolences to the family.

One of which is Minnie Dlamini who expressed her sadness towards the news.

In her writeup, she stated that she remembered her first on set of the Wild and The Fergusons immediately embraced her as their own.

“I remember my first day on set of the Wild and The Fergusons immediately embraced me as their own. My TV Mom & Dad were just so infectious and the funniest duo who only called each other by pet names. Naturally, my pet name was born “Mouse” 😂 I can hear him now as I type this with the loudest bellowing laughter that would follow each time”

“Mr Sho could talk for hours about the future of SA film & TV and it was so beautiful seeing those goals come to life. Ferguson Films are a groundbreaking production company that categorically changed the way we watch tv. You did that Mr Sho!!!,” Minnie Dlamini.Shona Ferguson1

“The love that Mam Connie & Mr Sho have is a love I try to emulate in my own marriage. They showed me that my dreams and goals in the production space are attainable. We have lost a game changer, a pioneer and a great man who showed the world how a man should love his family. #ripshonaferguson🕊💔 Hamba Kahle Baba 🙏🏾😭 @connie_ferguson Our Deepest Condolences we love you”


Friday, July 30, the world received the very sad news of Shona Fergusons death, and according to an official statement from ‘Ferguson Films’ he, unfortunately, passed away after health complications related to the Corona Virus (Covid-19).Shona-Ferguson (1) However, even though Covid-19 has killed millions of people around the world since the pandemic started, some people in South Africa are blaming...learn more

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