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The Fergusons respond to actor Menzi Ngubane’s sickness

The Fergusons Menzi Ngubane

Isibaya actor Menzi Ngubane who is in hospital for a recurring kidney problem has been the subject of headlines ever since news site Ilanga ran a headline that saw the birth of the hashtag #PrayForMenziNgubane on Twitter.

The star is scheduled to star on The Queen Mzansi this July and his new television family Ferguson Films had this to say to TshisaLive.

“We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming him on set soon. We are keeping him and his family in our prayers.”

The Fergusons Menzi Ngubane

The rumours has been getting out of hand so much so that his wife put out a statement on his health status.

“I would like to confirm that my husband is receiving family support and recuperating after doctors were concerned about his health. The family is also aware that due to the spread of this inaccurate and unverified news, his fans have even gone as far as sending their messages of his speedy recovery on social media, spawning an unwarranted social media panic.”

Connie and Shona Ferguson

“We understand their concerns and support for Menzi, but as the family, we appeal to South Africans to refrain from spreading news that have not been verified and confirmed by the family. To this end, we wish to continue as the family to offer him the support he needs following his recent visit to the doctors. It is this visit that has been grossly exaggerated by newspapers and social media users,”.

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