Meet Nicole Kendall Chinsamy the woman in Emtee’s life

Meet Nicole Kendall Chinsamy the woman in Emtee’s life. Fans of Emtee are well aware that he is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy whom he knew before stardom. The young rapper lives together with his girlfriend in his mansion and they have two babies together.

The dates are not verified but reports have it that he has been with Nicole for so many years.  The loved-up couple had their first son in2015 and their second son in 2018. Emtee and his bae have to wax strong amid all adversities including social media drama, cyberbullying and whatnots. One of these occasions was earlier in 2018 when Emtee was dragged by fans for saying his girlfriend was 22 years old.

It had been a moment of joy for the SA rapper and his crew following the announcement of a second child on the way until fans emerged in numbers to quiz if his girlfriend was truly 22.  The questions were followed by derogatory remarks by followers, as they @bused her for her looks in the photos posted on Twitter. However, the couple remained silent to the insults and peacefully welcomed their baby in January this year.

Marriage speculations have saturated various social media platforms but it seems the happy couple is not in a hurry to tie the knot. Check these stunning pictures of Emtee and his girlfriend…

Emtee and Kendall

Me and my bae…

Emtee and Kendall

The mother of Emtee’s kids…

Emtee and Kendall

Cute couple…

Emtee and Kendall

Emtee gushing over his girlfriend