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Massive Valentine’s Day delivery failure by NetFlorist

Hundreds of NetFlorist customers have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and HelloPeter to complain about their orders not being delivered on Valentine’s Day.

HelloPeter was flooded with complaints this morning and late yesterday evening, with scores of people stating that the orders they placed for Valentine’s Day had not been delivered.

The NetFlorist Twitter account was also in overdrive this morning, with a seemingly endless list of customers complaining about a lack of delivery and NetFlorist asking them to send through their order number so they can be assisted.


This trend continued on Facebook, with one user simply stating “I want my money back” to NetFlorist.

Customer account

Customers who spoke to MyBroadband recounted a similar experience. In one case, a reader stated that he ordered his girlfriend flowers and a teddy bear on 11 February for delivery on 14 February.

He then received an email at 15:00 on Valentine’s Day stating that his order was only being released for delivery then.

After contacting his girlfriend after 16:00, she stated that no delivery had been received, and she was leaving work – the delivery location.

The reader added that load-shedding and its effect on traffic lights, in combination with heavy rains in Johannesburg yesterday, resulted in traffic jams across the city.

NetFlorist feedback

NetFlorist told MyBroadband that the combination of heavy rain and load-shedding yesterday hit it hard.

“The combination of the rain and the multiple robots out was a perfect storm. We have never had this in previous years and it caught us by surprise. Our drivers couldn’t get to our pick-up point in time and then, when they did, couldn’t get the orders out in time,” said the company.

We don’t have final numbers yet, but our delivery success rate was in the low 90s as far as we can tell – this is a disaster for the people we let down.”

NetFlorist said it is redelivering orders today and “will manage any customer-specific needs over and above that in whatever way we can”.

“It’s going to be a tough few days for us, our teams, and most importantly our customers. We will do whatever we need to make this right.”

Source: mybroadband

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