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Warren Masemola opens up about being broke

Actor Warren Masemola is one of the most popular actors in Mzansi but that hasn’t stopped the star from worrying about work or when his next payday will be.

Join the club, bro! The struggle is so real.

Warren told Rams Mabote on Metro FM this week he understood how deep adulthood really was when he left school and realised he would be working from one contract to another as a freelancer.

“I’ve always had a fear of being out of work. I realised straight out of drama school that I was going to be a contract worker for the rest of my career. I always had the fear of not being in a job.”

Although he hasn’t spent much time on the sidelines of the industry, he did remember a time when he was going through the most financially.

Warren Masemola

“I’ve been very broke before. When I finished drama school, starting out as an actor, it was really tough. I shared a two-bedroom cottage with a friend of mine…It was six months of being really bad. We had to do odd jobs and go on to other things.

Warren also touched on the broke struggles he had while growing up, in an interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele last year, explaining how his sister got him into the Market Theatre Laboratory.

“We were very broke at home, so my sister introduced me to dancing and I started dancing at the lab,” he said.

He told Drum that as a high school pupil, he borrowed money from a loan shark to keep up with the cool kids.

“I come from a community where material stuff is just the thing – it makes you stand out among the rest. You had to be in the latest clothing, it was that kind of vibe. But my mom didn’t have enough money at the time,” he said.

The actor said he later paid back the money but it was some of the worst weeks of his life.

Source: Timeslive

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