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Twitter salutes #Masechaba for standing up against woman Abuse!

Metro FM DJ, Masechaba Ndlovu, has received both praise and criticism after she confronted Babes Wodumo about allegedly being abused by her ex-partner and manager, Mampintsha.

In a live radio interview on Metro FM, Masechaba confronted Babes about the alleged abuse, despite the Wololo hitmaker saying she did not want to speak about it.


Babes had earlier in the interview admitted that the pair had split and she was in a new relationship. She said that she was still business partners with Mampintsha but things had turned sour. This was after she revealed that Mampintsha had access to her social media accounts and posted a picture of the couple, making it appear they were still together, even though they had split.

The interview was also live streamed on Babes’s Instagram account and during a break on the radio show, Masechaba and her host, Mo Flava, are heard encouraging Babes to speak out.


It was after the ad break that Masechaba confronted Babes on the allegations

“I said I wasn’t going to do this, but Babes, you know, I think it needs to be said because I hate to see young women as talented, as smart as you, living in so much fear.

Babes Wodumo. Right. You don’t have to answer this question, but we all know, we’ve heard from multiple sources, we’ve witnessed the fact that you have been physically abused by Mampintsha. That he has beaten you in your relationship,” said Masechaba.


She claimed to know about several incidents where Mampintsha had allegedly abused her.


“I have a very close friend of mine who took you in the day Mampintsha punched you in the face. And you were bleeding from your nose. You don’t even know that I know that story. You don’t even know that I know from someone else that he broke your leg. Babes, we live in a country where women are getting killed left, right and centre. And quite frankly I’m prepared to deal with the BCCSA. Mampintsha, bring it on,” added Masechaba.


Mampintsha has since responded to the claims, posting a statement on his public Facebook account.

“As a public figure and a man i should be at the forefront of the campaigns against gender-based and domestic violence. I am no saint, nor do I plead absolute innocence in the claims made in that interview. I may have overreacted in a couple of incidents during our relationship with her over certain things I will not be comfortable to discuss in the public domain.”

He said it was wrong to define his relationship with Babes as @busive.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been divided about how Masechaba handled the interview. Some have applauded her actions while others have said it was not her place, especially since Babes merely wept while Masechaba confronted her.