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Actress Masasa Mbangeni Speaks On Her Failed Relationship

Award-winning actress Masasa Mbangeni took to Twitter to open up about her past relationship.

Masasa Mbangeni
Masasa Mbangeni

She said she was in love with someone who called her ugly. Sharing her story, Masasa tweeted: ” I once dates someone who said that he wouldn’t want children with me because we are both ugly & he’s scared they would be too. I would be so far in life in I didn’t waste my time being attracted to men.”Masasa Mbangeni

Other women also took to the comments section to share their stories. Nitah said her ex-boyfriend wanted her to hit the gym.

Masasa Mbangeni
Masasa Mbangeni

“Once date a guy, twice, who wanted me to work out so I’m s.e.xier to him. His words: ‘babe you’re a solid 8/9 now, imagine if you’d work out. I’d never take my hands off you’. I tried shame, both him and the exercise didn’t work out .”

@tana_patsa also shared her story, she said her ex-partner used to put her down.

“My recent ex was also jealous of me. He used to say, I’ll never be anything in life but just a candidate attorney with two lousy degrees from Wits Upside-down faceHe’s busy trying to get his first diploma and I always motivated him. He used to put me down all the time but we continue!”

We are so happy that Masasa got herself out of that relationship… A few weeks ago, the actress shared on Twitter that she has shot her shot.


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