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Actress Masasa Mbangeni slams pregnancy rumours again

Actress Masasa Mbangeni has slammed pregnancy rumours that resurfaced after she posted her boxing workout video clip that saw a troll reignite the “bun in the oven” speculation.

The actress can never catch a break from those snide remarks about her weight and pregnancy speculation, and this time she chose not to go at it at length.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday she chose to use a phrase that many can get as “your lies will get you into trouble”.

“I post my boxing video and someone asked me if I’m pregnant. Yazi nizofa.”

This time around Masasa shared a video revealing an uppercut or two that her fans were sure would give Cassper Nyovest a run for his money in the boxing ring.

In the tweet she revealed the workout session gave her a good boost that she needed.

“Mental health a joke at present but boxing made me feel better. Also Thabo really is an amazing coach,” she captioned the impressive video.

Watch the video snippet below:

The actress had to shut down the rumour mill no so long ago when random trolls fanned the rumour that just refuses to die.

She once set the record straight, and asked people to stop being invested in her uterus.

“Guys I’m not pregnant I’m just fat, happily so. DMs on IG and Twitter about the contents of my uterus are on an upward surge again,” she wrote

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