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Watch – Maps Maponyane shares hilarious moment of stranger taking a video call in his car

Maps Maponyane

Arg man, shame! Maps Maponyane‘s whip is bringing him all kind of attention and his latest encounter was from a male stranger who ended up taking a video call in his car.

The TV personality took to Twitter to share a hilarious video of a man who complimented his car and asked to have a look inside.

While the man kept complimenting the Merc, what he did next shook Maps as he didn’t see it coming.

After he asked to have a look inside, the man then made himself comfortable and sat inside Maps’ ride and told him he was going to make a video call.

Maps Maponyane

“Ummm … okay,” he said as he was confused about all that was happening.

The video got tweeps rolling on the floor with laughter as they too didn’t believe that the man was actually having a video chat inside Maps’ car.


This is not the first time that Maps has received a weird encounter from a stranger as earlier this year he once got proposed to by a female stranger in traffic and he said yes.

Maps took to Twitter and explained that the proposal happened while he was stuck in traffic when a woman shouted words of marriage from her car while pointing at her ring finger.

“Got proposed to this afternoon in CT traffic by a woman in her car shouting words of marriage and pointing at her ring finger … I said yes. I think it was the romance level that got me.”

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