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Mam Diarah admits to taking advantage of DJ Dimplez the night they had s.e.x

DJ Dimplez has been at the forefront of trends since his dramatic rape scandal came to light. After spending a drunken night at the party, the women identified as DJ and Mam Diarah went to the hotel and spent the night together. The pair reportedly had unprotected s..ex twice that night and once in the morning.

The woman now claims to be pregnant with the DJ’s child, is also being accused her of raping him because he was drunk on the night of s.e.xual intercourse. Diara leaked a private text among them to prove her innocence, but she doesn’t seem to have dug a deeper grave for herself the night before.

She is some facts about the woman Dimples is suing.

According to her profile, Mamdiarah Diakoumpa was born in 2000 and is 21 years old.

Diakoumpa is a model managed by FPA agency

You may notice her in the music video “Ingane” by Jobe London, Mphow69 Focalistic & Ntokzin.
She is also some hostess of Johannesburg North’s popular clubs

Her new Instagram account currently has 4499 followers

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