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Madonna showers Nakhane with love


Madonna showers Nakhane with love. Nakhane is truly living the life of his dreams (well, that’s what we’re assuming, at least). The South African singer and actor, who’s now based in Europe, has gained a lot of fans in his career, and one of them is award-winning legendary singer Madonna.

Singer and actor Nakhane shares thoughts on Tanzania’s anti-gay laws. Local queer artist Nakhane has shared his thoughts on the recent news of gay and trans people being hunted down by the Tanzanian government.

The “Clairvoyant” singer shared a heartfelt post on Instagram where he showed his solidarity with the LGBTQI+ people of Tananzia.

Nakhane explained how he gave up Christianity after deciding that he wanted to get in touch with his “animal nature”. “I tried to confirm. Before my first album came out I was a very conservative Christian. I really tried to snuff out my idiosyncrasies. I really did. I tried for like, five or six years, and then the volcano just erupted.”

He said it was a painful journey. “It was unbelievably painful but I thought I was doing it for Jesus. I ended my relationship with Jesus Christ. We were happy for the first two years, but then I realised that there were other men out there. I mean, he does say he’s jealous. That’s never good,” he said.

The 30-year-old singer said he only realised how truly different he is recent. “I know that now and I’ve been meeting a lot of people. When you compare your decisions, which seem completely rational to you, and how people react to them, then you realise how different you are.”

Nakhane is based in Europe for now but told TshisaLIVE that he is always going to be a nomad. “I have always been looking for a place to belong, but never really wanted to settle down and put down roots. Even when I was in South Africa, my partner wanted to buy furniture for our apartment or make some or other alteration to the place. I would just be happy living off the basics and going along with it all. I am a wanderer.”

Yes, that’s right. Madonna is as crazy about Nakahane (and his music) as the rest of us. She recently took to Instagram to share that he’s one of her favourite artists.


She wrote on her Instagram: Was such a treat introducing my 2 favourite artists tonight in Lisbon!  @_mykki_ 💙 @nakhaneofficial 🦄🦄 #fearless #unique #inspiring