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Five Paris landmarks that you will fall in love with

Falling in love in Paris is already a cliché, but we’ve discovered that there are some places that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach in quite a different, deeper way. These 5 landmarks will give you a sensation you won’t forget your entire life.

The National Opera of Paris – Palais Garnier

Is there anything more romantic than the theatre in Paris? Even if you are not really into opera, the Opera National de Paris is a landmark to remember.

The 30-meter high vault built of swirled marble and double staircases will impress you from the very beginning.

The French auditorium is shaped as a horseshoe and the 8-ton bronze chandelier that hangs over the theatres is decorated in marble, stucco and velvet.

Wish to fully experience this magnificent space? Attend an opera, ballet or symphony concert!

The Statue of Liberty

No, we’re not talking about New York here. Paris has one, too! It is not as unusual as it seems, as the Statue of Liberty from New York was a gift from the French people to the Americans back in 1886.

As a gesture of goodwill, friendship and to commemorate the French Revolution, the US returned the favour and gave France its very own (smaller) version of the Statue.The Statue of Liberty

La Cinémathèque Française

This is one of the oldest cinemas in Parisian history and it holds one of the biggest collections of films, film documents and film-related objects in the entire world.

The rich collection is due largely to the efforts of several men (Henri Langlois and Lotte H. Eisner), as they secretly moved their personal movie collection outside of France during WWII to protect them from destruction.

After the war ended, the French government dedicated a space for the collection and this this amazing place as born.

The Molitor

First things first, this building is a historical monument. Even more, It is a modern-day pool, spa, hotel, bar, rooftop space, art gallery and restaurant, all wrapped into one.

Nowadays, it is the symbol of luxury, but it hasn’t always been this way. Back in 1960’s, the Molitor housed Paris’ two most popular swimming pools and was the place where Parisians loved to come for a swim, sunbathe, play sports or simply socialize.

When it closed in 1989, the artistic minds who used to come to the Molitor often took it upon themselves to occupy the abandoned building.

Thus, they turned it into their very own hub for creativity and expression. During the 90’s, it was covered with colourful graffiti and parties, events and fashion shows were held here.

Today, visitors can enjoy a restaurant and spa that are open to the public.

Moulin Rouge

Home of the can-can, the Moulin Rouge at the foot of Montmartre is a Parisian landmark for dance and merriment. The venue has been around since the 19th century and is now a popular entertainment venue.

Enjoy the fantastic “Feerie” cabaret review at the Moulin Rouge brings together an extensive troop of performers, including 60 beautiful Doris Girl Dancers recruited from all over the world, and stunning rich colour stage sets. The world of rhinestones, feathers, and sequins is truly enchanting!

Source: News24

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