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SAD: Isibaya actor loses everything to fire

Popular Isibaya and Z’bondiwe actor Khumbulani Khuzwayo lost all his belongings and his meat business during the recent tragic fire at Kwa Mai Mai informal settlement in Joburg.

Khumbulani, who’s appeared in Ingozi, Saints and Sinners, The Alliance and more is begging for any donations to bring his life and business back after the fire on Saturday night.

He became one of over 800 homeless people after the fire destroyed about 400 shacks, as well as his meat business, his source of income, as he was still trying to get acting jobs.

Khumbulani, who played Sgeiks on Isibaya season 8 told the publication he’d appreciate any kind of help from anyone after the fire.

“Since I’m still looking for an acting job, I decided to start a meat business at Kwa Mai Mai where I have been selling meat and living since December.

“Unfortunately, all my business and belongings were eaten by the horrible fire and I was literally only left with the one I was wearing. Anyone who can help me about anything, I will appreciate,” he said.

Khumbulani, who also starred as Myekeni in drama series Z’bondiwe, said he moved from Folweni, KZN to greener pastures in Joburg.

“I started my acting career in 2016 and everything was going well until Covid-19 pandemic regulations ruined my life.

“I told myself I should not fold my hands while searching for an acting job but have to do something that will help me to put the bread on my table and not be shy of my meat business in Kwa Mai Mai,” he said.

The 34-year-old said it was like he was dying when he saw the fire eating all his belongings and his business when he had no power to stop it.

“If I say I lost everything, I lost everything including my identity document and many things. I appeal to anyone who can donate, it can be clothes or money donations.

“I’m hustling in my life and the fire is taking me a step back when I’m trying to make a living while waiting to get an opportunity in acting and feed my family with the job I like.”

-daily sun

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