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Londie London: I’m not done with this blue family

Londie London

Mzansi singer Londie London seems to be so in love with the colour blue fashion lately. We have seen her on several snaps wearing different types of colours but with blue, we are starting to think it might be her favourite colour.

Londie London

Taking to her Instagram, she wrote, ‘Not done with this blue fam 👗’. This sparked a lot of excitement on her comment section whereby her colleague Khanya Mkangisa even commented, ‘That body! 💙’.

Londie London

Everything by Londie’s side seem to be going well as she went on to captioned, ‘It’s a hot Winter 💙‘. No one would say this statement without anything going well by their side.

Londie London

Anyways, let us not forget that as long we got Londie in our eyes we are going to be excited every time she serves something for us, worse with that sexxy looking body of hers, it is so amazing.

Londie London

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Source: Instagram, News365


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