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Londie London – Smile the haters are watching

Londie London

It is like nowadays if you do not a hater in your life, you are not living. People have like made it their motto to every time address their haters whenever they do good or planning something. By the way, a hater is a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

Londie London

With that being said, we have a singer, Londie London who has recently come out to throw some shade on her haters. In life, once you accomplish great things, you tend to have many haters, especially those who criticize one’s success.

Londie London

Taking to her Instagram, she said, ‘Smile the haters are watching 😊‘. This is after she was at a certain bar enjoying her time and from her posts, she captioned things to do with finding love. Was she really looking for love or just covering for the haters?

Londie London

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Lethabo Molotsi looks so stunning in Pink – Pictures! Insta hottie, Lethabo serves us with some stunning snaps of herself wearing Pink and she is absolutely lit. This is not the first time she has served us with such fire posts, it is actually in her DNA, to leave us wagging tongues.

Lethabo Molotsi

For sure it is her talent and she has managed to showcase different fashion styles through her amazingly gifted body. We can talk about skirts, jeans, trousers, dresses or shorts, she still looks stunning. continue reading

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