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42 liquor licences suspended during lockdown in Western Cape

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A total of 42 liquor licenses were suspended by the Western Cape Liquor Authority for contravening the National Disaster Management Act’s regulations during various levels of lockdown, Western Cape Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz said on Monday.

This after 144 liquor traders were investigated between 27 March and 11 September.

Of the 42 suspensions, one license was revoked and 35 suspensions were lifted by the liquor authority. Furthermore, one suspension was lifted in the High Court and another as part of internal Appeal Tribunal proceedings, he said.

Four return hearings are pending.

Fritz said in a statement he welcomed the liquor authority’s, “consistent efforts to reduce alcohol-related harms [sic] in the province whilst noting the importance of moving forward and reopening the economy”.

Fifty-four matters were placed on the Liquor Licensing Tribunal’s case roll, Fritz said. A total of 42 licenses were suspended, 10 applications were dismissed, and two are still pending.

“Over the last few months, many licensed liquor traders including bars and restaurants have been hard hit by the restrictions on the sale and transportation of alcohol. They have had to innovate their businesses to adhere to the restrictions and ensure the safety and well-being of the public.

“As we move forward and the ensure the reopening of the economy, let’s get out there, support local business, get back to work and grow our economy. Let’s do it all safely.”

-The Citizen

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