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58-year-old hiker rescued after fall on Lion’s Head

The Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) conducted an airlift rescue at sunset at Lion’s Head on Wednesday after a hiker fell from the staples.

The 58-year-old woman had been climbing the staples near the chains when she fell five metres after her foot slipped off one of the staples.

The woman fell backwards, knocking a hiker behind her before landing on her back at the base of the climb.

The WSAR spokesperson, David Nel said fortunately the second hiker did not sustain any injuries.

He said an urgent call was made to the WSAR emergency number.

“Several rescue teams were immediately dispatched to Lion’s Head to assist. A small team on board the Western Cape Department of Health & Wellness EMS / Air Mercy Service (AMS) rescue helicopter were flown to the scene and hoisted down to the patient,” Nel said.

“She was carefully placed on a stretcher and hoisted up into the helicopter before being flown to a nearby landing zone. Teams carried her from the helicopter to a waiting ambulance, and she was driven to hospital. The incident concluded at 7:15 pm,” Nel added.

He commended the crew flying the rescue helicopter for their expert skills as they flew in difficult conditions after sunset.

“Without their efforts, it would have taken teams of rescuers several hours to carry the patient down the trail. We thank the teams of dedicated rescuers who continue to donate their time and energy for the benefit of others in the Western Cape. Please consider supporting them by making a small contribution to the fundraising campaign. Every small donation will help us save others. We wish our patient a full recovery,” Nel said.

If you or anyone you know will be taking on any hiking trails, ensure you have the WSAR emergency number: 021 937 0300 should you need assistance.


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