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I am not Bheki Cele, I’m Amos – Limpopo man tired of people confusing him with the Minister

Amos Ramphekoa and Bheki Cele

Just a few weeks ago, News365.co.za published about comedian Trevor Noah‘s look-alike who looks exactly like him, for a minute with thought maybe it was his white brother. Here is another scenario, but this time the man has had enough and has set the record straight, ‘I am Amos’.

When people used to mistake Amos Ramphekoa for Police Minister Bheki Cele, it was funny.

But since the start of the lockdown, Amos (60) from Seshego zone 1, Limpopo, has been annoyed by people accusing him of not allowing them to enjoy booze.

Whenever Amos leaves his home to buy essentials, he has to cover his face. He said people approached him when he wore his hats, which were similar to those worn by the minister.

Bheki Cele

Amos said most people would approach him to ask questions about the lockdown and beg him to allow bottle stores to reopen.

“I don’t know what to tell them because I don’t have answers. Some even ask me to talk to President Cyril Ramaphosa to ask him to give them a 24-hour window period to visit their partners to poke. I am not Bheki Cele. I am Amos Ramphekoa. Cele is Zulu and I am a Pedi,” he said.

Madala said some residents asked to take selfies with him while others ran away, probably because they were in trouble with the law.

Amos Ramphekoa

“Those who know me think I am Cele’s twin. When I explain I am not him, they think I am lying to them,” he said.

Amos said it was confusing that people thought he was Cele as a minister would not be out without bodyguards or cops.

When asked how he felt about the situation, he said: “Sometimes I laugh but at times, I ignore them. I no longer go out to buy essentials.”

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Gugu Gumede

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Source: Daily Sun