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Traffic dept in Ekurhuleni introduces new learners’ license system

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The City of Ekurhuleni has introduced a new learners’ license automated system as a way to curb corruption at testing stations.

Member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for community safety, Frans Mmoko, said that the old system was very often corruptible.

“The new system automates the learner’s licence test, eliminating the time-consuming and inefficient processes involved, and the incredible volumes of paper the centres have to plough through. This feature enables the system to give instant results without having to wait for hours before the learner’s results get confirmed,” said Mmoko.

The Department of Transport has continuously reported that test papers had been in use for a long period, and were widely circulated.

Mmoko said that the issue was not only individuals circulating the paper but also official driving instructors, schools, and academies.

“Students are being instructed on how to answer the papers, rather than how to understand the road rules, laws, and signs and, therefore, answer the questions intelligently,” said Mmoko.

Meanwhile, a source at the Ipeleng traffic department in Pretoria said that the old system was riddled with corruption and one of the most popular scams was learner drivers paying people from driving schools to write the test for them.

The people paid to do this were familiar with the teachings of the driving manual and they normally guaranteed a pass, securing the learners’ license on the learner’s behalf.

This meant many people were getting behind the wheel and onto roads without a clear understanding of the rules.

Mmoko said the traffic department was in desperate need of a solution and the new system was essential.

Over the past two years, the new testing system has been introduced to 43 sites around the country, such as the Limpopo province and Western Cape but mainly in Gauteng.

-The Citizen

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