Letoya Makhene kissing Generations the legacy goodbye

A toxic environment in the workplace could surely send even the toughest soldier up the wall. As it is believed that the toxicity and disorder can have severe and dire effects on the employees of the organisation.

Could that be the case with one of South Africa’s multi-talented entertainer, Letoya Makhene?

According to Sunday Sun, the actress has allegedly submitted her resignation letter about two months ago. The article stated that the treatment that Letoya was on the end of, became a bit too much for her, which then resulted in her leaving the iconic soapie, Generations: The Legacy.

Letoya Makhene

Various sources came through to the publication and mentioned the following:”Letoya is gatvol of being micromanaged and treated as an amateur or newcomer. So she decided to quit.”

It is alleged that many other actors are seriously contemplating exiting the show hence it was reported that relations between management and employees, is swimming in dark waters. Additionally, other sources are claiming that Letoya is currently shooting her exit scenes and it won’t be long till the audience miss her on their favourite soapie.

Usually, when new management takes over, new strategies are to be expected. As such was, in the case of Generations latest Producer, Human Stark, who took over from his father, Friedrich Stark. Word on these streets alleges that he is now running the show hence it’s Executive Producer, Mfundi Vundla is hardly involved in the everyday running of Mzansi’s second-biggest soapie.

Sunday Sun contacted Letoya but she could neither confirm or deny leaving the show. However upon contact with Mfundi, He had this to say:”She left out of her own will because she wants to pursue her music career. We didn’t fight.” He continued to add, ” She said she might come back in the future.”

Letoya Makhene is an all-round entertainer, therefore it won’t be long till we witness her magic on other platforms within the Arts.

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