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Actress and sangoma Letoya Makhene in s*xtape scandal

Actress and sangoma Letoya Makhene has pleaded with men to stop flooding her assistant with s.e.x tapes.

The Generations star said her PA is ‘traumatized’ because of unsolicited s.e.xual material that is being sent on her WhatsApp number that many of her followers got from her Facebook page.

She said the people who send the crude material do it intending to send it to her.

“I’m going to ask you, especially men to please stop traumatising this poor woman with sex videos and s.e.x tapes. My PA is literally on the verge of resigning because she had one too many silly people who think they are getting access to me sending some freaky kind of sh**t out there,” said Letoya.

Letoya said this after she took to Facebook on Thursday 30 December to set the record straight to followers who were doubting her Facebook account. “I have been hearing a few rumours from people saying I’m a fraudster or the page a page is a fraudster. I just that I should take time very quickly from my very busy schedule and just silence those suspicions,” said Letoya.

She also addressed the issue of an outcry about her charging R1000 for consultation for her sangoma job. She said she charges that amount because of her experience in the industry.

“As someone who has been a traditional practitioner or sangoma for almost 20 years, for those who think that I’m one of those people who kind of get on this grave of celebrities abathwasayo, no, mina ngithwase at the age of 18. I have embraced my calling at a very young age,” she said.

Because of her busy career, Letoya said she was not prioritising her sangoma duties but was just doing it in the background especially on weekends.

She said Tshidi on Generations went to Paris because she wanted to take time off so that she can have time with her ancestors. She said since she took a break, it allowed her time to consult and help patients.

“I’m consulting so much, I have got so many patients who need help, so many clients who need help,” she said.

She said she will not change her price because some people are complaining.

“People will always be people, whether you do something good, or something bad, people always want to have something to say. Being in the public eye my entire life, I have come to understand that it is what life is. You are not going to make everyone happy,” she said.


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