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Lerato Marabe speaks About Being s.e.xually Harassed

A few days ago actress Lerato Marabe joined Metro FM’s breakfast show.


She told Mo Flava and Khutso Theledi that playing Pretty is easy as they are the same age and going through more or less the same thing

“I think with Pretty it was very easy, we are going through life at the same time. A lot of the times we go through the same thing.”

She adds that the storyline about Pretty getting sexually harassed by Nimza is something she experienced personally.

A few years ago the starlet got candid about the backlash she received for her role and how she got physically abused by a crazed fan,

“In high school, my friends and I decided to go to KFC after school. So while we were waiting in the queue, this one lady walked up to me and slapped me across the face because of the storyline at the time.”

Marabe also opened up about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, she says that it is rife in showbiz.

“A lot of the time, the people in the industry will promise them jobs or whatever it is and be like you know what? If you sleep with me I will give you a job.’ Women even laugh about it. It wasn’t like a serious thing. I was like: ‘Are you guys serious? There’s so many ways that you can go about it, why would you sleep with someone?'” she told Tshisa Live.

In the interview, the Skeem Saam actress Lerato Marabo also opened to Mo Flava and Khutso Theeledi about her alleged wedding which took place last year,

In 2021 Lerato Marabe was rumored to be married at a beautiful traditional wedding joined by close family and friends. Some of the Skeem Saam actors were not present which is understandable as it was during the lockdown period and a lot of restrictions were imposed.

People couldn’t move around as freely as they do now.

Images surfaced on social media where it appeared the actress was wearing traditional wedding attire next to her hubby.

In an interview on Metro FM’s breakfast show Lerato cleared the air and revealed that she didn’t get married.

“Big big lies, I didn’t get married last year.”

There were celebrations at her home in Johannesburg and it started raining so she used her grandmother’s blanket as cover which she believes led people to think she was getting married.

“We were performing a ceremony at home last year. So it rained on that day and the blanket I was wearing that day is my granny’s blanket. So I just took a picture and posted it and everyone was like “She got married” not even.

“Everywhere I go they ask me about my husband,” expressed a frustrated Lerato.