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Heartbreak for side chick Mihlali Ndamase as Leeroy Sidambe praises his wife

Serious confusion is surrounding Miss Ndamase’s dating life as we now can’t tell which is which following a lot of reports about her new man.

The drama and obsession surrounding Mihlali‘s love life has taken a whole new turn. The beauty blogger is rumoured to be dating a married businessman who some claim the wife filed for divorce. But on Mother’s Day, the businessman gushed over his alleged estranged wife.

Now, the general public obviously does not know what agreement the three of them had but that does not stop people from mocking and dragging Mihlali. This Instagram post comes days after Mihlali posted a video clip of her and the rumoured bae Leeroy Sidambe, in Botswana together.

A few days before that, Mihlali trended after her personal details were shared to the public by the alleged wife, Mary Jane Sidambe. She did this by apparently sharing a receipt she found under her husband’s car. Leeroy allegedly bought Mihlali furniture to the value of 9K to furnish her new home.

While all this was happening, Mihlali was on a trip for an event and could not care less about the drama.

Yesterday it was Mother’s day and Leeroy, who by the way still has a picture of him and his wife as his profile picture, wished her a Mother’s Day and gushed over her.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, I’m called daddy because you made me daddy,” he said and put an in love face. He posted a picture of her in what looks like a private jet.

The controversial Twitter blogger could not help but throw shade at Mihlali and said, “A difficult day to be a side chick.”

A few days before that, Mihlali shared this image of them together.

Mihlali Ndamase with Leeroy Sidambe in Botswana confirming their relationship


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