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Western Cape sees positive increase in learner attendance


The Western Cape government on Sunday said there was a positive increase in learner attendance in the province.

At the start of June, the attendance rate for Grade 7 learners was 33% and it has now risen to 77%.

For Grade 12’s, it improved to 87%.

Member of the provincial Parliament Lorraine Botha said the increasing rate of attendance could be attributed to the decrease of COVID-19 infections as well as reduced levels of anxiety relating to the pandemic.

“There are 14 weeks left of the 2020 academic year and with the nature of the mandatory phased-in approach, contact time is dramatically reduced due to alternating attendance of grades. With the amount of time left, learners need to make the most out of every bit of time.”

Botha said the provincial Parliament’s standing committee of education will embark on an oversight week to school to gain insights on the remaining challenges experienced under the phased-in approached.


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