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Lasizwe reacts to claims that his comedy skits are not funny


Lasizwe has taken to Twitter to voice his frustration at people who continuously bash him and his content. The comedian and YouTuber’s videos are always in line with the trending topics in the country.

His recent skits have been addressing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has hit the country. His latest skit is on the SANDF preparing for lockdown and has gotten him more than 40K views.

As per usual, the comedian has divided people with his skit and some have made some pretty mean comments calling him and his content ‘boring’ and ‘annoying.’

In other news – Buhle Samuels Covid-19 joke gets her in trouble on Twitter

Buhle Samuels‘ attempt at humour during these uncertain Covid-19 times has backfired. On Twitter, the Muvhango actress said she thought some positives would come from the 21-day lockdown, which takes effect at midnight on Thursday and ends on April 16.

“I think one of the positive things that will come from the Covid-19 lockdown is no crime for a whole 21 days! It is said a habit can be formed/broken in 21 days, let’s hope thieves can learn better ways to behave in society!  Read more

Source: Zalebs