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Lasizwe gets dragged by US Twitter

First of all, Mzansi, we don’t blame you for sitting this one out. Seriously, the last time (2016) we were dragged by American Twitter we almost didn’t make it out alive. Plus they said we were all tweeting from one computer, with the internet they donated.  Then they came for our weaves, which they said were so hard, they could be bulletproof. Yeah, it was hard. So we understand fully.

Thursday night Twitter was a mess! All thanks to Lasizwe, who was on the trends list after he got called out by American internet sensation Jay Versace for allegedly copying his concepts on video skits.

But on Thursday, as South Africans were minding their own business on Twitter, Lasizwe posted a video skit, as he often does.

He was blissfully ignored by most people until Jay accused him of copying everything he does!

Now, long as you’re on the net, you’ve probably used a Jay Versace meme or gif. The 20-year-old has been dubbed comedic genius and is loved by Hollywood stars for his videos. Basically. He’s a big deal. He called Lasizwe out:

Lasizwe tried to wiggle himself out of this one but it didn’t really work.


More people posted videos in which Lasizwe’s concept match other people’s and with the timestamps mostly showing that Lasizwe’s video came later.


Jay then replied with a very stinging answer, opening the floodgates of American trolls upon Lasizwe!

“I don’t know anything about you. People keep sending me your corresponding flop a** videos. You’re making money off other people’s sh*t and that’s f**ked up,” he said.

Mzansi quickly decided that, based on experience, it is better to join American Twitter in dragging Lasizwe. Because you know, if you can’t beat them join them!

Besides, after all the receipts that were shared under the threads showing just how similar Lasizwe’s skits are to that of many young internet sensations, Mzansi felt they were joining the stronger team.

In came the flood of memes! It seemed the mission brief for South Africans was: Isolate, distance yourselves then help destroy target. #YallAintFaithful.

Someone also rightly pointed out that Lasizwe is a Fanta rep while Jay is Sprite rep… may be far fetched but it could all be stunt. Stranger things have happened!


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Source: Times Live